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I’m a writer, and as a writer, books and other works are always under construction. As my work progresses I will add more information and links to my projects below. Thank you for visiting!

Water Thieves. (Published. March 29, 2017) Status: Book is out now! Get it here, here, or here! Find a preview on Goodreads. Kindle version will be coming out soon.

One Last Cup of Tea. Status: First draft.

Zero Population Growth. Status: On hold.

Older works

Works in English

Voices of the Dead, Poem from 2003.

Short stories in Spanish

Perillo, Vanesa L., 2007 “La Ecuación”, El Principio de un Gran Suceso, Ed. Andronico. p. 78.

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Perillo, Vanesa L., 2004. “Viento”, Argentina y sus Escritores 2004, Volume 3, Ed. Nuevo Ser, p. 6. (Out of print)

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Perillo, Vanesa L., 2003. “En la piel de la Buharaña”. Argentina y sus Escritores 2003, Volume 3, Ed. Nuevo Ser, p. 94. (Out of print)

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