Writing Detour

One word at a time…

About V.L. Perillo

When not writing I can be found digging up the soil with my matching sunglasses and lab gloves!

Twitter: @VanesaPerillo

I am a writer and reader, a dreamer and a hard working Ph.D. student in Sciences that recovered her passion for writing after her first thesis draft and now struggles to make up for lost time.

From futuristic worlds to mainstream, to nightmares and epic quests, I’m a writer of more than one genre. I don’t believe in being classified. Don’t expect the same type of book over and over again. I’m a multipotentialite that loves exploring all subjects and forms.

I’m a believer that anything is possible as long as you work hard for it. Here is to being prepared to work hard and deliver exciting stories!

Right now my stories are either in the process of being written or are still in my head, waiting impatiently for their turn to come out. I hope you can be impatient with me and my stories and share my journey of getting them out of my head.



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