Less than a month ago, I published Water Thieves in collaboration and through the SAFER project (Read more about them here). We’re very excited to bring you the second of our books that use art to bring science and water conservation to kids. We have previously published the children’s book The Pink Brush by A. C. Harmon, and now this new book is geared towards middle graders and young adults.

From April 15 until May 15, sign up for a free giveaway of my book Water Thieves. You can win one in 10 copies! (This giveaway it is only available in the UK, USA, and Canada. I am hoping in the future to be able to include more countries.)


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Water Thieves by V.L. Perillo

Water Thieves

by V.L. Perillo

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This book is very dear to my heart for several reasons, but I’ll only mention two to keep this post short:

First, and on a personal level, this book is my first novel, after years of believing I couldn’t write more than short stories. It’s been the work of three years of constant reading and learning about creative writing, and practicing. The book itself was written in a year, but without the previous two years of practicing the book wouldn’t be the same. This book is the first of many I plan to write, but it is also my proof that through hard work and persistence I was able to do something that years before I would have thought impossible. I am aware that I still have to learn more –and practice even more– to make all books the best quality possible, but hey! I have to start somewhere, right?

Second, this book has not been written with the idea of profiting from the sales. I’m extremely interested in raising environmental awareness. We only have one planet, and it takes each of us to start adopting practices that will keep our water safe, so I want to reach as many people as possible. Thus, all the money obtained from the sales go directly to the SAFER project to increase the work the project does with education and science research. We distribute copies of the books to schools, and students and teachers use them to study the environment. This also opens the possibility of connecting what they read with other disciplines. For example, in our Spanish speaking countries, teachers ask for the book in English so that students also get to practice a second language. Examples of educational activities of the project on Facebook here, here, and on our blog here.

As a first time author, I am both happy and nervous about releasing Water Thieves into the world and I can only hope that I fulfill your expectations with the story. I had fun writing it, and I hope you get to cherish Valentina and Emma the same way I do.

If you read the book and like it, please help us spread the word. Not only for me as an author, but also for the SAFER project. Write reviews, tell your friends, the internet! We would be eternally grateful.

In the case you can’t wait, you can get your copy online through amazon, or BN.