I did it!

I finished the first draft of the novel I’ve been working all year long!

Yesterday morning, I was able to write the famous “THE END” at the bottom of the manuscript!

Despite being a writer and working with words, this time words fail me to express my emotions. I can tell you it was a mixture of happiness, wonderment, exhilaration, terror, relief, and disbelief as something I have been working so hard for had finally come to pass, but this description is not even close to what I felt.

I can tell you that my blood rushed through my veins; that my fingers trembled on the keyboard, and that my breath came in short, barely noticeable gasps. I can tell you about the constricting grip on my heart, the burning on the skin of my face, and the rollercoaster my stomach was on as I struggled to bring the last scene to life. And still it wouldn’t come close to what I was feeling.

I did it!

I wrote the full first draft, and –as I like to call it– this is draft 0.

It is the draft that has horrible grammar mistakes, way too many consistent inconsistencies in the facts and actions of the characters, extremely possible embarrassing dialogues and probably one, two or more scenes that deserve nothing but to be mercilessly cut with a sharp, albeit blunt instrument.

I don’t care! I did it!

I have a manuscript I can start working on to lift it from the shambles of inexperience, poor planning, and unexpected twists my brain led me to while I was writing it. I have the foundations on which a good story can be built!

Right now, with NaNoWriMo so close in the horizon, I’m putting this manuscript to rest for several reasons.

First and foremost, I have to admit I am wary of it.

Second, and related to the first one, I’ve put so many hours on it that I need the distance to be more objective when I look at the text.

And third, before I sit down to start editing, I want my beta readers to have a look at the crude story and give me feedback on what works for them or not. I find it hard to be objective with my own work, and, even though I cringe in embarrassment at the fact of people will be reading this terrible version, I believe it to be necessary.

I have apologized to my beta readers already for the terrible mistakes that they might – will – come across, but hopefully they will be able to overlook them and be able to see the story underneath and its potential.

I’m hoping that by December I’ll have some feedback, but, either way, on the second week of December I’m planning to start the editing process.

So even as I wrote THE END to my manuscript, my mind was saying –in a kind of rip-off of the words of Imhotep from the movie The Mummy –:

The end is only the beginning…

PS. If you are interested in knowing more about my novel, in the coming months I’ll be posting more about it. So far, all I’ll tell you is that the novel is titled: The Water Thief.