As I mentoned last week, I was struggling to get my ending right. I was wrecking my brain for an exciting ending that would close my novel leaving the reader satisfied with no success. And after worrying for weeks, I had finally come to terms with the idea of just having a ending, that then I would keep working on it until I could fix it.

Then Monday came around, and right before my friends came over for our weekly writing meeting, I got into a relaxing hot shower and an idea came into my mind that has the possibility to become, if not a great ending, at least a good one. Better than what I had before, for sure!

This got me thinking about how many times solutions to problems have come to me as I was taking a shower. In fact, a complete poem came to me in the shower when I was 15 (You can find it here). That time I had to play memory games until I finished washing the soap off, while in fear of forgetting the lines.

Taking a shower is such an easy mindless activity that frees your mind to be creative without stressing or fearing the consequences of getting ideas wrong. Who’s going to find out if you messed up the formula for the area of a square or if you had a dumb question while you’re in the shower?

That lack of fear is what I think that lets my mind come up with solutions in the shower.

And I’m not the only one. Wasn’t Archimedes the one that shouted Eureka while taking a bath?

Now that I’ve gone past my ending problems, I am ready to go get it. If only I could stop worrying now about the next step! If only I could just stop worrying!

My new worry! (Pic found in The Writer’s Circle Facebook Page)