I’m one of those unusual beings who don’t drink coffee, or much tea, or even alcohol.  Also, being an Argentinian and not drinking mate is a terrible thing, and I don’t! Yes, I’m that weird! So apart from winter where I find nothing more enjoyable than a cup of hot chocolate – or well, maybe ice cream, definitely ice cream–, I don’t have much use for mugs.

But I do love them, especially those with witty designs.

So this week, being a little overwhelmed with work, I decided to do a short post giving you a small list of the mugs I’d like the most to have if I actually used them.

Without further ado, here they are.

  1. This one explains perfectly that feeling I get when I sit looking at the blank page and nothing wants to come up.
    Find it here.


  2. Even though I don’t do alcohol, I can get behind the idea of silencing your inner editor and critic for a while.
    Find it here.


  3. This one is so inspirational!
    Find it here.


  4. This one is one grammatically correct lunch appointment.
    Find it here.


Have a great weekend! 🙂