I’m in the middle of Camp Nano, almost at the win. My goal: a very humble 10k word count on my current first draft of my novel –not the novel I’ve mentioned before in previous posts; that one I need to let rest for a couple of years in my opinion.

I’m not going to lie. July is one busy month for me. Most days I’m off chasing rain and seeing the aftermath of it in the streams of forests. I get home super tired. The idea of writing seems very, very attractive, yet my mind shuts down the moment I sit down in front of the computer.

So far I have been able to win against the mind-shut. If I wake up early enough, I get to write my daily quota of my current novel. Although I’m super excited about it, the routine of working on it since January is taking its toll. I’m not moving forward as fast as when I started. I’m lucky if I manage to write the 300-plus words in an hour, sometimes an hour and a half.

Then on Sunday, as I walked towards a write-in on the way to the closest Barnes and Noble and back, I had an idea for a new novel, and my mind simply exploded. Words were so desperate to come out, I had to give in and I ended up writing about 1 k words in less than an hour.

Now my mind is filled with images from the new world, the new characters and the problems they will face, but… –there is always a big but in all stories, so… why not in a post?

But I need, need, need, need to finish the novel I was already working on. Since having the idea –granted, it was only a few days ago– I haven’t been able to think any coherent sentence to write for the current novel. It’s painful! Besides, I can’t go around hopping from idea to idea endlessly. I’ll never finish anything that way, and worse: I’ll never publish them and have them entertain you!

So now I’ll go struggle with the new idea. I’ll try to tame it down enough so that it will let me go back to my well-loved Valentina and her sister Emma, and help them solve the problem they are faced with. Perhaps if I convince her that yes, she IS the next in line, then maybe I will be able to write my humble 300 words a day…

Or maybe she’ll help me write more, so I finish faster…

So how do YOU deal with it when that happens?