There are many people think that becoming a grown up means giving up their inner child, that being responsible isn’t compatible with being excited and doing cartwheels because your favorite movie is coming out real soon.

I disagree.

I believe you can be a responsible human being, yet jump with joy at the sheer thought of getting ahold of the newest book of your favorite series.

I believe you can hold a serious job, yet throw up caution to the wind in a game of Mario Party or MarioKart with friends.

I belive you can pan your bills and your taxes on time, yet go to the park on a Sunday afternoon to play childhood games (playing with the elastic is really fun and a great cardio exercise if anyone is interested! Here is a video for those who don’t know it and want to learn more about it).

I believe you can be serious when discussing a business deal, yet get home and prop yourself with some ice cream and a binge watch Doctor Who.

I believe you can be a good parent, yet enjoy the latest Pixar movie even more than your own child.

As long as we are able to fulfill our obligations and take care of our families to the best of our abilities, life doesn’t need to be full of seriousness. It can be filled with laughter and joy, and excitement over the little things.

We don’t need to forget how to be a child to be a grown up. We just have to know and accept that there are times when we’ll be worried and anxious and when we’ll have to sit down and do what needs to be done.

I don’t know about you, but this weekend I’m endulging my inner child with a Comic Con.

Can’t wait!!!!