The moment I started learning about the craft of writing, I changed the way I read any text that crosses my path. I no longer am a simple reader, experiencing the pleasures of the words. Even when not intending to, I can’t help but notice when a writer tried to sneak a little foreshadowing into the story, or if they misused dialogue by having their characters talk about the weather.

Now, I’m starting to look at writing more with an editing frame of mind, and, to quote my Writing Center Professor, Dr. Nancy Welch, to look for “something missing? something more?” than what I’m seeing in the words. This new outlook, combined with my own desire to get better at writing, to create characters that are more vivid, has sparked a new idea that will start to be the focus of this blog from now on.

The series: First drafts

Editing is a very important part of writing and we need to become masters of it. Practice makes perfect, so starting next week I’ll start with a first draft and will take you through the evolution of how I thought about it, what was missing and what could be improved.

This series is a work in progress, therefore be prepared for diversity. First drafts are fickle creatures. Some will be promising, some will be nothing but painful embarrassing moments. Some will blossom into wonderful art and others will crawl into the darkness of the memory well, never to be heard again, or where they’ll plot their return in years to come.

It’s all part of growing as writers.

I hope the ideas that come alive from these exercises not only make me a better writer, but also entertain you.

Happy reading!