Life as a student has a pettite twist of irony in it for book lovers: you are reading books all the time, but they’re not necessarily the books you would like to be reading to relax and lose yourself in. Especially at the end of the semester, we are too busy to be able to sit down and spend the sleepless nights because the book just won’t let you go.

Codex Alera, the 6-book series written by author Jim Butcher, is a series of books I would recommend any fantasy lover to read. I would even say it is a must read. I would also add that, if you’re crazy busy, the end of the semester is definitely not the best time to start the series! I warned you, but I didn’t even listen to my own advice!

The series starts with book one, Furies of Calderon, where Tavi, a young furyless –a.k.a. powerless– sheperd of the Valley of Calderon, has made the mistake of leaving his uncle’s herd out the night before. He tries to retrieve them unnoticed, but his uncle catches him and they set out to get them while their people’s enemies –the Marat– are wating for them, and a storm, with its aggressive, wild windfuries, is forming in the horizon.

But the storm at Calderon isn’t the only one brewing. The First Lord of Alera is getting old and has no heir, giving way to conspiracies that will reach unsuspecting Tavi at the edge of Alera and will submerge him in a battle of wits, intrigue and brute strength as Alrea is attacked from the inside as well from the outside.

From then on, the first book, and the five next ones, will keep you at the edge of your seat. Jim Butcher has every detail planned to get you through an unforgetable, emotional trip you will want to repeat over and over again.

If you love characters that burrow into your heart and make you spend most of your day wishing you were home curled on the couch with them, the Codex Alera is the series for you. Tavi, Bernard, Amara, Kitai, Max and the rest will take you on an unforgettable journey as they fight, love, cry while keeping their sense of humor in every page.

I hope you give it a try. For myself, if I hadn’t already lent the books to a friend, I would curl up with the series again. No matter if the semester hasn’t ended yet!