A few months ago, I started a blog. This blog. A few months already? Oh my, how time flies!

I told my self: One post per week, no matter how long or short. I would get it done. So Writing Detour was born.

And here we are: many weeks later, and I’ve been posting every single week. To my internal editor, each post was meant to be published on Fridays. So I’ll admit that the time of the week has been a bit inconsistent, but the spirit is here.  Once a week, I’ve posted an entry, either with some grammar tips, writing advice I’ve found useful, or my own struggles with balancing life as a student and being a student of writing.

I hope the posts have been useful for you, readers, but even if they haven’t, they have been useful for me. For two reasons:

  1. “You know if you know something when you are able to explain it to someone else”. I could make a bet, this is not the first time you’ve heard this phrase. All teachers and professors must have said it to their students at least once in a lifetime. It is often said for a good reason: it’s actually true. When I sit down to write the posts, especially the few grammar ones I’ve shared, I put in practice what I’ve been learning, and, as I write, I realize the things I need to study more, go deeper into the well of knowledge and fight my way through practice to become better.
  2. All my life, I’ve decided to do something for myself and failed not even two weeks after the decision was made, and for the first time in my life I’m in the process of truly fulfilling one of the promises I’ve made to myself. So far, at least! I’m still processing this fact. I’ve been writing this blog for at least two months now and I’m still here.

Many of you might say ‘but two months is nothing!’

I agree.

It is nothing, yet for someone who is very bad at fulfilling promises to herself, this is amazing! Especially because this week I came very close to failing yet again. Life has been crazy lately, giving me almost no time to write anything, but the idea of failing to deliver was almost crippling. I have a commitment to this blog and I want to keep it.

So here I am, not with the best post of the century, but I’m here. Still going. Still dreaming.

It’s good to celebrate the little victories. It keeps you going.