It is very common to hear about writers suffering from the disease known as a writer’s block. Sometimes that means that they can’t write anything at all. Sometimes they are blocked by a particular work in progress.

This last one is my current case. I have this amazing idea for a short story, yet here I find myself writing this blog post, completely blocked. I’d like to think it is because I haven’t sat down and explored different options, such as different points of view, or different styles. Yet that isn’t in my case.

Unlike the novel I’m writing, short stories are for me a matter of inspiration and pantsing my way into a surprising finale. The moment I know the ending of my short story, I get myself into a funk and I can’t move forward.

Trying to remediate this is what took me to try different options with my story, because I was always taught that, as Picasso said, inspiration has to find you working. Still, I fail to get where I want my story to go and I like my ending too much, to give it up.

What do you do when you find yourself in that situation?