I’m taking two writing classes this semester for two different reasons: one, an advanced fiction writing class; the other, a class about writing centers and practices. The first one will improve my writing abilities and will help me craft better stories, besides giving me chances to peer review those short stories. The second one is teaching me how to be a writing tutor. This way, I can help others learn how to write and say what they want to say..

When I decided I had no future as a writer, because I wasn’t able to write a novel, another of the doubts that made me give up was the misguided idea that I had nothing to say. I am fortunate enough that I can say that in my life there hasn’t been any insurmountable drama, nor has there been life altering experiences that urge to be shared with the world. I feared that my stories would have no meaning for others, no profound knowledge that would change others lives.

But in one of the classes I found a quote that I want to share with you regarding this subject:

“A writer is not so much someone who has something to say as he is someone who has found a process that will bring about new things he would not have though if he had not started to say them” William Stafford

This poet is right. I hadn’t thought I had something to say until I started writing the novel I’m working on right now. Yet now that the words are pouring over the pages, some times faster than at others, I am finding the meaning that my unconscious knew was there. I just needed to start writing to let it come into the consciousness.

I hope this helps you view your writing in another light, as it did me.